Child support depends on the individual circumstances of each family, and is determined by state guidelines that are slightly different in Kansas or Missouri.

In both states, each parent owes financial support for their children whether they are married or not.

Thilges & Bernhardt, Attorneys at Law, LLC our attorneys will answer your questions about the interaction between custody, spousal support/alimony and child support. We can help if you are in an unusual situation such as exceptionally high income, complex assets, self-employed, or you have an unusual income structure such as commissions or investments. We will help you negotiate for a support amount that ensures that the children are properly cared for and that the amount is fair.

Our lawyers can help you keep the focus on your children as we defend your rights as a payor or recipient of child support.

Setting A Fair Amount

Child support is generally determined by considering all relevant factors, which include, but are not limited to:

  • The physical, emotional and financial needs of the child
  • The needs and finances of each parent
  • The standard of living that the child enjoyed when the parents were married (if they were)
  • The amount of time the child spends with each parent, and the costs involved in carrying out custody and visitation arrangements, particularly if the parents live far away from one another
  • The spousal support one parent may be paying the other

There are also guidelines detailing basic costs of child-rearing such as food, clothing, shelter, health and education, with said costs being tied to the parents' incomes. Work-related child care costs, health insurance costs and other extraordinary child-rearing costs may also be taken into consideration when determining the appropriate amount of child support.

Although we are ready and willing to go to court to defend your right to fair and reasonable child support, we prefer to keep our clients out of court if possible, through negotiation and mediation. This keeps the control over your case with you, and allows you to be more flexible and accurate in deciding child support, knowing that your support amount takes into account the actual expenses related to your family circumstances.

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