Every divorce has the potential to get traumatic and messy. When there are particularly valuable or complicated assets involved, the potential for conflict increases.

Thilges & Bernhardt, Attorneys at Law, LLC our aim is to help you get through your divorce quickly and efficiently. We understand that nobody wants to get mired in costly disputes about the value of property or long, painful negotiations about appropriate division of assets.

Working with financial and business experts where necessary, our attorneys can help your divorce proceed as smoothly as possible, finding solutions and enabling you to move on.

When Assets — And Stakes — Are High

Complexity of assets can affect all aspects of your divorce, particularly property division and support. Our lawyers can help you resolve the kinds of conflicts that come up more frequently in high-asset marriage dissolution such as:

  • Income versus property: If you have significant stock options and other money-generating holdings, their classification may influence property division and support calculations.
  • Marital versus individual property: Many of our clients own businesses or have other property that could be classified as either marital or individual. Determining each spouse's contributions or rights to that property may require extensive examination of financial records.
  • Valuation: Our attorneys often work with other trusted professionals to determine the worth of assets that fluctuate in value over time, or whose value is difficult to determine.
  • Real estate: Many of our clients own considerable real estate, including commercial real estate used in their businesses. This property may be difficult to evaluate and divide fairly.
  • Prenuptial/premarital and postnuptial/postmarital agreements: Properly drafted agreements may greatly simplify your divorce. Unfortunately, a poorly drafted agreement may cause more disputes than it prevents. We can help defend your interests and ensure that your agreement is not used against you unfairly.

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