For many couples today, a prenuptial agreement (also termed as premarital agreement) is a way of protecting their rights and their peace of mind.

Particularly for high-asset couples, or couples going into a second or third marriage, with existing responsibilities to children and former spouses, a proper prenuptial agreement makes sense.

A prenuptial agreement is a way of defining, at the beginning of the relationship, when you are both in a positive frame of mind, how you will relate to one another if the relationship ends. Even if divorce law has changed by that point in time, even if the relationship ends acrimoniously, with a properly drafted prenuptial agreement you can feel secure that you know what the future will hold.

Not all prenuptial agreements are created equal. A prenuptial agreement must safeguard your interests and be legally enforceable in order to afford you protection.

Making It Worth The Paper It's Written On

The lawyers at Thilges & Bernhardt can help you prepare, negotiate and understand a prenuptial agreement before you marry, or postnuptial agreement (also termed as postmarital agreement) if you decide that you would like to protect yourself after you are already married. Our attorneys can:

  • Negotiate and draft a prenuptial agreement: We can represent either party (but not both) in negotiations. We will ensure that all areas of conflict are covered, that your interests are protected and that your agreement is drafted in such a way to ensure that it will be enforceable, should it ever be needed.
  • Approve agreements: Unfortunately, sometimes an entire agreement or sometimes some part of an agreement — are not enforceable, because they are not drafted with care or they go against Kansas or Missouri laws. You cannot, for example, agree to never seek child support for a child of the marriage. If you have been provided a drafted agreement from your soon to be spouse, we can examine it and ensure that it follows the laws of your state.
  • Enforce agreements: Sometimes, our divorce clients come to us with disputes over prenuptial agreements. We can represent your interests in litigation.

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